• Vicostone, a leading provider of marble-design quartz surfaces, has opened its new warehouse and showroom in Vancouver as the company’s new cornerstone for the Canadian market.

    Vicostone products have been distributed in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary since 2009 through the distribution network of IMAC Quartz Corporation. The distribution co-operation between Vicostone and IMAC ended earlier this year. To increase its presence in Canada, Vicostone has opened its own warehouse in the city of Port Coquitlam, located 27 km east of Vancouver. The new warehouse will serve the third largest metropolitan area in the country.

    “We highly value our co-operation with IMAC Quartz Corporation. However, in order to achieve our vision to become the leading quartz surfaces brand in the industry, Vicostone Board of Director decided to open our own distribution network in Vancouver. By doing so, Vicostone believes to offer a better quality of services, as well as faster response to the market demand. We guarantee to maintain high level of service for our current customers as well as look for more opportunities to increase our brand awareness in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary.” Stated by Mr. Thai Nguyen. CEO of Vicostone Canada.

    The new warehouse is located at 1551 Broadway Street, Suite 106, Port Coquitlam, BC, V3C 6N9. It includes an expansive showroom that is open to the public during normal business hours and administrative office space for the Vicostone Canada team.


    VICOSTONE is one of the leading quartz surface manufacturers in the world. The company produces large quartz slabs (56” x 120” and 65” x 130” sizes) in a premium quality based on BRETON (S.P.A) technology. VICOSTONE is also well-known as a global trendsetter for stunning marble- look and wood-grain-style designs.

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  • This brand of quartz surfaces offers products that are on trend and as beautiful as stone.

    TOO OFTEN, QUARTZ SURFACES are regarded as a compromise between practicality and luxury. Vicostone challenges the assumption with products that take both qualities to a whole new level. Not only do the company’s slabs artfully recreate the look of natural stone, their beauty is much more than skin deep.

    If you haven’t heard of the company yet, you soon will. After launching in Canada almost two years ago, one of the largest manufacturers of engineered stone surfaces already is generating a buzz among design- ers and architects here. “We aim for an exceptional level of design, and to be on or ahead of trend,” says Thai Nguyen, chief executive officer for Vicostone Canada. “And there is state-of-the-art technology behind our products.”

    Over the past 15 years, the company has produced millions of metres of quartz surfaces using what is known as “Breton technology.”

    “Using Breton technologies, with the high quality of natural quartz aggregates supplied by European countries, assures the manufacture of the highest-quality slabs,” Nguyen says.

    Production is based in Vietnam, a country that many luxury brands turn to for its solid reputation for quality craftsmanship. The location also lowers costs for the final product because of favourable labour costs, and that’s passed on to end users.

    Vicostone specializes in the marble look that now dominates in kitchen and bath decor. Most producers focus on monochrome shades of either white, beige or grey. Real- izing that nature has a richer palette, Vico- stone’s designers include subtle streaks of another colour to more closely mimic the original. A white-and-grey marble lookalike may have just a hint of ochre or sienna, for instance. But whether subtle or dramatic, any veining seen on the surface runs through the body of the slab. Which means it will appear on any cut edge showing, just as with real stone.

    And trend-wise, there is nothing subtle about veining in marble slabs for 2018. This is reflected in three new products from the Exot- ic Collection, says Nguyen. For high contrast and drama, there is Nero Marquina (BQ8740), a rich black quartz with blazes of white vein- ing. Diamante (BQ8788) is a pale grey quartz streaked with a darker shade; its polished surface adds a sophisticated touch to virtually any monochrome colour scheme. For those who prefer more restrained elegance, there is Cemento (BQ8730), so named because it resembles a trendy concrete surface.

    Bigger does not always mean better, espe- cially in the world of design. But jumbo-size slabs — those that measure 65 by 130 inches as opposed to the standard 56 by 120 —are

    the exception. “Vicostone offers 29 designs in this size; most of our competitors have only a few,” says Nguyen. This makes it possible to have a kitchen island over 10 feet long without a single seam. Slabs in stock are available in two- and three-centimetre thicknesses, and can be specially ordered in a 1.2-centimetre thickness.

    Vicostone surfaces are made to stand the test of time, comprised of up to 93 per cent pure natural quartz aggregates and high-qual- ity polymer resin and pigments. This makes for non-porous surfaces that are resistant to stains, heat and bacteria. The company is ISO-certified for its efforts to minimize en- vironmental impact during production.

    Its durable and luxurious products are widely used in everything from kitchen countertops to bathroom shower surrounds and flooring. Vicostone has showrooms in Lachine, Quebec and Vaughan, Ontario. Samples can also be viewed at stone fabrica- tors and kitchen-and-bath centres across the country. “The versatility is amazing—and so is the luxury look,” says Nguyen. 


  • The VICOSTONE Canada team would like to send our sincere thanks to Expo Habitat organizers and all of our beloved visitors for their great contribution to the success of our wonderful show at EXPO HABITAT from the 21st to the 25th of February in Quebec City, Quebec.

    During the show, thousands of professionals from the architectural design community, homeowners, design enthusiasts and business people have had an opportunity to spend an unforgettable visit at Expo Habitat and VICOSTONE’S stunning design booth. Vicostone greatly appreciates your visit to our booth which in turn inspires us to work harder to bring you more outstanding and valuable products. We are proud to have you all as our valuable partners in this great event.

    In appreciation of this, we are offering you a Special Promotional Voucher of $100 upon your purchase of VICOSTONE products. The voucher will be valid for one year from the 25th February 2018 to the 25th February 2019.


    To register for the cashback, please find the Promotion code on the voucher you received during the show and submit it to

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    Once again, we thank you and hope to see you at Expo HABITAT or at one of our many VICOSTONE dealers!

    The VICOSTONE Canada Team



    VICOSTONE is one of the global leading quartz surface manufacturers which successfully produces large quartz slabs sizes 56” x 120” and 65” x 130” with premium quality-based technologies, BRETON (S.p.A).

    VICOSTONE is also well known as a world-class trendsetter for stunning marble-looking and wood-looking designs.


  • In December 2017, Vicostone was featured in the Azure Magazine with an article about our 2018 collection:

    Vicostone, a leading manufacturer of quartz surfacing, is turning 15 years old. To celebrate, it’s launching the 2018 Collection at Toronto’s Interior Design Show. 

    Since its founding in Hanoi, Vietnam, in 2002, Vicostone has grown into one of the world’s go-to suppliers for quartz. As an alternative to granite, Vicostone’s engineered stone surfacing offers impressive durability and low maintenance. Made from about 93 per cent natural quartz, it is resistant to scratches, heat and corrosion – and it is also beautiful. With more than 100 options that recreate the depth and complexity of natural stone, Vicostone surfaces have become increasingly popular for kitchen, bathroom and commercial applications.

    Vicostone’s 2018 Collection is set to launch at the Interior Design Show in Toronto, January 18-21, 2018. It includes three new varieties, and at IDS, a number of leading designers will be on hand for free design consultations, including Peter Brooks of BedfordBrooks, Evelyn Eshun of E-Studio, Erica Gelman of House of Design, Paul Semkuley of Re:source Lifestyles, Samantha Sannella of Urban Retreat Homes and Yvonne Whelan of Yvonne Whelan Design.

    Ahead of the event, we asked our experts for the inside track on Vicostone’s 2018 Collection – and about how they use quartz surfacing


    Nero Marquina, a rich black quartz with striking white veining, is statement material, evoking lightning bolts flashing through a night sky. Peter Brooks has already used it for a Toronto penthouse project, using the surfacing on a custom bar top and a full-height standing bar table in a games room. ”Nero Marquina was love at first sight,” Brooks says. “It’s truly a design that has something to say. The stone is such a statement that the games room doesn’t require any additional décor or artwork on the walls.”

    Paul Semkuley, meanwhile, envisions the majestic surface as the centerpiece of a kitchen. “Pair it as the high-contrast kitchen island with the super white Quasar Light as the coordinating countertops,” he says. Either way, the verdict is in: use Nero Marquina in rooms that need a dash of drama.


    There’s a restrained elegance to Cemento, a surface that resembles polished concrete with white veining, but it can still easily be the centerpiece of a room. Vicostone’s own inspiration images envision Cemento as a prime material for backsplashes and kitchen islands, but Paul Semkuley says he can envision featuring the surfacing as a key element of a private bathroom.

    “Cemento would be my choice for a master ensuite vanity and threshold for the shower area,” he says. “It’s dreamy, yet it still makes a point of view with the subtle contrasting white veining.”


    For spaces demanding sleek, neutral surfacing, Diamante is the gem of Vicostone’s 2018 Collection. Featuring pale quartz streaked with darker grey marbling, this variety is polished and smooth to the touch, making it a versatile fit for almost any application. It’s subtle, but that’s the point. “It would be amazing to use as the cladding of a fireplace, providing a dynamic modern focal point to the room,” says Semkuley.

    Designer Yvonne Whelen, though, suggests that each of Vicostone’s 2018 offerings provide a wide range of applications. “I have seen them personally and could envision using them on a sleek fireplace, custom table, kitchen counters or even a moody bathroom,” she says. “The new quartz options are amazing. It’s totally on the pulse of where interiors are going.”

    Vicostone’s 2018 Collection will be unveiled at the Interior Design Show in Toronto, at booth 1710. This content was published by Azure on behalf of Vicostone.


  • In November, VICOTONE has introduced to homeowners and designers three natural looking marble designs in addition to our large collection. Mr. Thai Nguyen (CEO) of VICOSTONE Canada believes that with the many quartz colours and designs VICOSTONE has to offer “Quartz is here to stay.”  The new colours are in our Exotic collection and will be the source of designers’ inspiration and revolutionize the modern kitchen.

    • Diamante BQ8788 adds a sophisticated marble touch to kitchens with linear veining.

    • Cemento BQ8730 delivers rich, classic white veins carved in a shade of grey limestone.

    • Nero Marquina BQ8740 recreates the beauty of natural Spanish stone, which combines pure black along with unique white veins.

    All of new colours are available in Jumbo size 65”x130” which are cost efficient and can be feature as a large seamless island.

  • VICOSTONE Canada is pleased to announce the opening of our brand new showroom and warehouse at 1909 Onésime Gagnon Street, Lachine, Quebec, H8T 3M5.

    Our new complex includes offices, a warehouse and a showroom, which features kitchen and bath applications along with large slab displays.

    VICOSTONE’s products have been widely used in various residential and commercial interior projects, encompassing various styles through a variety of colours, patterns and finishes. We hope that our new showroom will provide an inspirational space for designers and homeowners to visit, and to see our remarkable designs on display. We can provide product training courses for designers and design students, in a specially reserved space in our showroom.” Stated by Mr. Thai Nguyen, CEO of VICOSTONE Canada Inc.

    In order to ensure the commitment of delivery within 48 hours to the following territories: Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Sherbrooke and the surrounding areas, VICOSTONE’s 25,000 sq ft warehouse stocks up to 4,000 quartz slabs.


    VICOSTONE is one of the global leading quartz surfaces manufacturers which successfully produces large quartz slabs (56” x 120” and 65” x 130” sizes) in a premium quality based on BRETON (S.p.A) technologies. VICOSTONE is also well-known as a world-class trendsetter for stunning marble-looking and wood-looking designs.

  • Learn more about our latest collections at Interior Design Show - IDS in Toronto from Jan 19th to Jan 22nd 2017 and get free design consultations from leading designers including Erica Gelman, Evelyn Eshun, Peter Brooks, Paul Semkuley, Sam Sannella and Yvonne Whelan.

    Pay us a visit at booth 1820 in Metro Toronto convention centre, North Building 255 Front Street West Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2W6 ,Canada.

  • VICOSTONE Canada - a proud Platinum Sponsor for BILD (Building Industry and Land Development Association) presented the first ever “Best Customer Care Award” on April 28th in Toronto. This is a newly created award honouring the Builder who goes above and beyond to provide the highest level of customer service before and after the sale. Les Graham - Sales Manager of Vicostone Canada (far left) presented the award to Jim Ritchie - Vice President of Tridel (centre) and his team.

  • For the first time, Vicostone attend the Interior Design Show – IDS in Toronto from Jan 21th to Jan 24th 2016, bringing many beautiful and elegant designs of our exotic collection.
    Pay us a visit at booth 2122 in Metro Toronto convention centre, North Building 255 Front Street West Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 


    From March 1st, please visit Vicostone Toronto warehouse at 341 Edgeley Blvd, Vaughan Ontario L4K 3Y2, Canada for slab view.