The VICOSTONE Canada team would like to send our sincere thanks to Expo Habitat organizers and all of our beloved visitors for their great contribution to the success of our wonderful show at EXPO HABITAT from the 21st to the 25th of February in Quebec City, Quebec.

During the show, thousands of professionals from the architectural design community, homeowners, design enthusiasts and business people have had an opportunity to spend an unforgettable visit at Expo Habitat and VICOSTONE’S stunning design booth. Vicostone greatly appreciates your visit to our booth which in turn inspires us to work harder to bring you more outstanding and valuable products. We are proud to have you all as our valuable partners in this great event.

In appreciation of this, we are offering you a Special Promotional Voucher of $100 upon your purchase of VICOSTONE products. The voucher will be valid for one year from the 25th February 2018 to the 25th February 2019.


To register for the cashback, please find the Promotion code on the voucher you received during the show and submit it to http://vicostone.ca/Promotions

For more information about Promotions Terms and Conditions, please visit: http://vicostone.ca/Promotions-Terms-And-Conditions


Once again, we thank you and hope to see you at Expo HABITAT or at one of our many VICOSTONE dealers!

The VICOSTONE Canada Team



VICOSTONE is one of the global leading quartz surface manufacturers which successfully produces large quartz slabs sizes 56” x 120” and 65” x 130” with premium quality-based technologies, BRETON (S.p.A).

VICOSTONE is also well known as a world-class trendsetter for stunning marble-looking and wood-looking designs.


Thursday, March 15, 2018