Commitment to customers

VICOSTONE continuously innovates to provide new and trendy designs with the best quality that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Unique and luxurious, our products strive to meet the most diverse design requirements.

VICOSTONE is certified by NSF for food safety (ANSI 051) and certified by GreenGuard to be free of volatile organic compounds. VICOSTONE is proved to be Microbial Resistant by reputable organizations. This confirms that our products are environmentally friendly, prevent mold growth, and are anti-bacterial, making them completely safe for the food and health of our customers.

Commitment to environment

VICOSTONE considers environmental protection as a top priority. Building a better and greener environment for today and for future generations lies at the core of VICOSTONE’s business ethics.

Certified to ISO 14001:2004, all VICOSTONE activities are tightly controlled and annually audited by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), creating and protecting a sustainable development.

Commitment to employees

VICOSTONE commits to creating and maintaining a sustainable working environment for our employees where everyone is encouraged and motivated to develop their careers and, through teamwork, to create values for the benefits of the shareholders and customers.

VICOSTONE is committed to being a prestigious and reliable partner for our distributors, ensuring benefits and maintaining long-term business relationships. We commit to support our partners to deliver the best service to customers.