• Are you open to the public? What areas do you serve? Do you sell retail?
    We do not sell retail. As a manufacturer, we import the material and sell only to the trade. Consumers can purchase Vicostone through an installer, designer, contractor or flooring dealer that sells direct to the public. Our showrooms are open to the public!
  • What if I don’t have an installer/designer/contractor/etc.?
    Most trade professionals in the areas we serve already work with us. Fabricators or floor shops are the best resources for purchasing Vicostone if you are planning on doing your own installation and aren’t working with a trade professional.
  • How can I get slab pricing?
    For pricing please refer to fabricators.
  • How can I get samples?
    All of our colors are available samples format. You can request samples directly through our website or simply pick them up in our showrooms. We also have photos of full slabs, close-ups and installation projects throughout our website. Feel free to take your own pictures as you walk through our facilities.
  • How soon will my order be ready after it is placed?
    Slabs that are in stock in our warehouses will be ready available for pick up within the hour. Otherwise, we will deliver as soon as possible, according to the delivery schedule, based on your location.
  • Do you offer design services?
    Our showroom staff is more than happy to assist you by answering general inquiries, providing samples, and offering an opinion to help with your remodel when you are visiting our showroom. We offer one-on-one appointments during the week. One-on-one appointments should be scheduled in advance and be limited to one hour. We cannot provide drawings or plans, determine quantities, or go offsite. If you require additional help with your project, it might be time to hire an interior designer.
  • Where can I see more installations with your products?
    Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see more photos of our products installed. You may also view pictures of installations in every color on http://vicostone.ca/Gallery
  • What is Vicostone?
    Vicostone is a quartz based engineered stone made for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and other interior surfaces. It is made with up to 93% natural quartz minerals mixed with safe inorganic binders and resins. Vicostone is manufactured using authentic Bretonstone® technology and is sold in the United States under the brand names Vicostone, PentalQuartz and Pompeii Quartz.
  • Where are Vicostone's products made?
    Production is based in Vietnam – a country that many luxury brands turn to for its solid reputation for quality craftsmanship.
  • How long has Vicostone been in countertop business?
    Vicostone has been in the countertop business since 2002 is considered as one of the largest quartz surface manufacturer in the world.
  • What is the percentage of quartz in Vicostone's products?
    Vicostone's products are made from up to 93% of natural quartz grain. This proportion is certified by our Declare label, provided by the International Living Future Institute – a well-known international organization headquartered in Seattle (USA).
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